• Tolani Dosunmu

Freelancing in 2021 | How to find freelance jobs

Since the pandemic changed the course of so many careers in 2020, a lot of us want to ditch the 9-5 and live a more free life. In this post, I'll go over some easy find work from home virtual assistant and data entry freelance opportunities.

So if you're like me, you spent the last almost two years spending as much time in the house as possible. My entire life before the pandemic had been incredibly fast-paced. I was a full-time student working two restaurant jobs and working an internship. I was literally always on the run either to class or to work. I never had time to really sit back and think about if this was the life I wanted to live. (Spoiler alert- it wasn't.) The pandemic closed down my two restaurant jobs and sent my schooling online. I'm not the best at virtual learning, so I took a year off. I was able to actually sit back and reevaluate my situation, and I realized I never want to work in a restaurant again. I'd done it for 5 years at that point and it left me broke, tired, and with no real job security.

So I decided to hop online and do my googles. I took an inventory of what I am good at, and what I enjoy doing and tried to find some overlap. I have some experience with data entry and content creation, so I decided I'd look for work in those areas. So I hopped on the usual sites to look for freelance work, like Fiverr and Upwork. I got a few gigs here and there but overall, those websites are very saturated with freelancers and unresponsive clients. You have to do a lot of applying and deal with a lot of rejection before you actually start making money. This can be said for most side hustles, but I'm all about finding the best option.

That is when I found ClickEarners!

So, the difference between freelance job boards like Fiverr or Upwork, and ClickEarners is the former sites are very over-saturated. There are already many established freelancers who dominate most of the gigs available. To get a gig you have to show a fair bit of talent and experience. With Clickearners, the market is way less saturated and you have a fair chance of finding a gig.

There are a variety of different gigs available, but most of them are either Virtual Assistant work from home jobs and Data Entry work from home jobs, both require minimal training and experience and are overall easy to do and require little to no creative effort like other gigs (like social media management, content creation, etc.)

While you do have to pay for ClickEarners it is very worth the investment in my opinion, given the job opportunities are practically endless.

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